Parilla Cardigan

Parilla Cardigan


This is one of my favourites and have worn the Tango one so many times and get lots of comments from it. It is a loose comfortable jacket and you can dress it up and wear it casually. The shape is for all sizes and a blend of Merino and Possum fur.

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We are excited to introduce Merino products to our small family owned business.

OUR STORY: we sell our fine merino wool to Australian Wool Network who owns Merino Snug. We are happy to have some of our wool in these amazing products . We hope you enjoy wearing these natural products, as much as we do. Enjoy from all of us including our sheep!

Did you know? Wool wax or lanolin keeps sheep dry when it rains. When wool is made into yarn, the wax or lanolin is collected, packaged and sold as moisturising cream.