Exciting new experiences coming to 28 gates.....

We are excited to share our new experiences that will be up and running from October.

1.   Firstly we will have a new look menu and food packages available. We endeavour to have fresh and local produce and of course all Tasmanian.

2. We are including a 'walking with our beautiful dogs tour'. Come and experience a special tour with our dogs and walk on tracks you wouldn't do normally. Depending on fitness, terrain and weather of course. Have morning tea with picturesque and stunning views in complete privacy and serenity.

3. A new, exciting, exhilarating experience is happening but I can't tell you details yet, but you will love it. It will send you to new heights!!!!

4. Enjoy a drink on sunset with a platter of cheeses and take in the views, complete privacy and stillness in a secret location....

Susie ParsonsComment