WINTER: ,,,,snuggle up by the out....privacy

Winter is such a beautiful time of the year to come to Tassie. Yes it may be a bit colder than mainland Australia but we are not as cold as Europe!! Bring your Winter woollies and snuggle up!

We have so many stunning, blue sky days and the temperature may only be under 10 degrees but if the sun is shining it feels warmer than that. I do often laugh when people go 'oh it is so cold in Tassie and always rains'...I wish! FACT: we are the second driest State after South Australia. Now parts of Tassie are higher rainfall, one being the West Coast but where we are, we average 22 inches and have experienced many droughts, which is not something I wish on anyone! Summer is hot ....the sun will burn here more, as we are closer to the Ozone layer. But we do have 4 seasons and I wouldn't want to change it.

Our Fishery is open all year round and you do not need a licence. The fish are quieter in the Winter months but I can promise you they are still there and are active...they always need to feed!

We have a variety of stunning, picturesque walks on the property which are marked. Go through open pastures into bushland with stunning eucalypts and you may even see some native animals. You will certainly hear and see plenty of birdlife and if your lucky you may spot one of our resident Wedge- Tailed Eagles!

If you are lucky enough to be here when our ewe shearing is on, is a bonus. This is a must bucket list experience everyone should see. Its so iconic of Australia and it doesn't matter how many times I see it, I still love the buzz and smell of the busy shed!

I personally think Winter is one of the best times to visit here...snuggle up by the wood heater with a superb glass of Tassie wine with a book...bliss! There is something about a fire, its a good excuse to turn off and have some time out. Play some board games, cards, read books or just sit and ponder.

Susie ParsonsComment