Wow its May already and my first blog for the year....woops!

Who knows where the time goes, even the children say it goes quickly! It can be a good thing and bad. There is always so much going on here…not enough hours in the day, I say.

We had a great Summer season and just love having all our guests, we never get bad ones and that’s no word of a lie! I think guests enjoy the freedom and especially the children love the space where they can run dn run. Peggy, our adorable border collie/kelpie dog is such a hit with all our guests…I often say I will check peoples cars when they leave (as a joke of course).

I am excited to let everyone know that we will have a new tab on our website for our online shop. I have been passionate about promoting our fine Merino wool for a long time and after a lot of thinking, working out, talking and procrastinating, it is finally happening…yah! To see the whole process of a sheep from when its born, to growing the wool, to shearing and then to be made into beautiful products is really exciting. Did you know that wool is the worlds most desirable, natural fibre because of its softness, breathability, insulation and versatility? So keep your eyes open and you will be order products on our simple to use site, hopefully within the next week!


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