Spring time!


Spring time is a beautiful time to visit…an extra 4500-5000 lambs arriving and this is a special sight to see. Nibbles , our pet sheep had twins recently at 5 years old…she escaped into the ram paddock! She is a devoted mum and they are adorable.

We are hoping for lots of rain and I saw about 200 yellow faced black cockatoos last week so something big is going to happen. The last time I saw that many, we had a big snow storm! I wish sometimes there could be a tap to turn the water on from the sky. As farmers, we rely on rain so much and parts of Tassie are so dry. The East Coast is in drought and even though we are green and much better than them, we are well below our annual rainfall.

There is always so much to see and do here for children and adults or you can literally do nothing and sit back and enjoy the peace and silence of our place. Gaze at the stars while sitting at the fire pot…its such a relaxing spot to turn off.

Hope to see you here and experience our place and our wonderful Derwent Valley and Central Highlands areas …it really is a very special part of Tassie.

Susie ParsonsComment